Download (updated Finnish-English-Finnish Dictionary for Windows-device
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Free trial v. here.  (  (also acts as an update for registered users)
Free trial v. here.  (sanat.exe)  (also acts as an update for registered users)

You can also download a "portable" package that does not require installation: portable version

Note! Some antivirus programs do not allow you to install the Dictionary directly. If possible, disable your antivirus software during installation.
See installation instructions below.

Dictionary installation instructions

Dictionary instructions:


1.     Translated word.

2.     The word to translate. The word does not always have to be written completely.

3.     The word to be translated from the clipboard. The text on the clipboard appears in the 2 field.

4.     Direction of translation (Finnish - English - Finnish).

5.     Fixed display. The size of the window does not change depending on how long the response is.

6.     Picture / Text Display.

7.     The word to be translated can be written completely (NC), and a translation only after pressing Enter.

8.     Messages.

9.     History of searched words as a word list.

10.   Scroll backward through the word list in history.

11.   Scroll forward through the word list in history.

12.   Dictionary always on top.

13.   The translated word comes automatically from the clipboard when you've copied it there.