Dokumentin otsikko

Seijas recipes


Seijas Easy Carrot Panpizzas (4 pizzas)


Put into a breadmachine bowl 3 spoonfuls cooking oil ja 2 dl water, 1/2 teaspoons salt, 1 teaspoon sugar,

4 dl wheat flour, 1 dl four grain flakes, 2 spoonfuls brans and 1 dl  grated carrots.

Drop over all 2 teaspoons of dry yeast.

Put the bowl into the breadmaking machine and select "dough" - (about 1 h 20 min).

Start the machine and grease four cookie sheets with little foodoil or cover them with a baking paper.


Warm the (electric) oven until about 200 degrees Celsius.



After the breadmachine has finishing doughing, turn the dough into four sections.

Roll each part of the dough round and flatten them to look like a plate. (about 1 cm thick).

Put the rolled doung parts unto cooking sheets and flatten them even more ( about 1/2 cm thick).

Let them rise about 5 minutes.

Open 1 tin hot chili crushed tomatoe amd two small tins tomatoepyre.

Spread tomatoepyre and crushed tomatoe to those four doughplates.

Strew over every doughplate garlic salt or one crushed garlicnail.

Spread over evey doughplate one crushed onion.

Spread over every doughplate 1/2 tin sliced mushrooms.

Spread over every doughplate sliced and cured ham about 100 grams/portion.

Spread over every doughplate one big tomatoe (or beef tomatoe)..

Spread over evey doughplate some crushed green peppers and  juniper berries, oregano and parsley by taste.

Finally spread over every doughplate grated cheese by taste (for instance Swiss cheese) about 70 grams.

Bake in the hot oven about 17-25 minutes.

Apply with hot water the sides of the pizzas.

Eat with homemade smallbeer.



KARELIAN PIES (50 small pies)


You need for dough:

4 dl water

4 teaspoons salt

150 grams rye flour

450 grams wheat flour



(boil a porridge in a kettle about one hour):

6 dl water

4 dl peeled rice grain

4 spoonfuls of butter or margarine

1,5 litres milk

1 teaspoon salt


(Your can use instead of rice filling 2 kilos mashed hot potatoes with little milk, salt and butter.)


For greasing after baking the pies:

4 dl boiling water

6 spoonfuls of butter or margarine


Mix from water, salt and flour a dough that can be rolled into a round bar.

Divide the dough bar into 40 pieces and flatten them with a rolling pin very thin (1 - 2 mm) and round like teasaucers.

Take cookery sheets and place baking paper over them.

Put rolled thin "flatten pastry" on the sheet and put in the middle one big spoonful of HOT filling.

Spread the filling with a hot knife (keep it in hot water).

Turn the sides of the "flatten pastry" so that the pie looks nice

and make wrinkles into the sides with forefinger and thumb together on each side.

Bake the pies in a very hot over (250 degrees Celcius) about 7-10 minutes. (Check yourself.)

Grease the pies quickly with a small brush that is dipped in boiling water-butter mixture.

Put the pies into a clean basket and cover them with a white towel and let them rest a while.

Serve the pies with butter that has crushed boiled eggs in it or very soft cheese.

Also Finnish Karelian pies can be eaten instead of potatoes with Karelian Stew.


KARELIAN STEW (5-6 portions)


You need:

1 kg roast meat to small pieces (about 2,5 cm x 2,5 cm x 2,5 cm)

(= 500 grams beef, 250 grams pork roast, 250 grams deer or elk or lamb roast)

hot water so much that the meat is covered (about 1 litre)

1 - 2 teaspoons salt

2 big onions sliced

10 black peppers

2 sliced carrots


Put the meat into a oven pot (made of metal or clay)

Put all the spices on the meat and salt and onions and pour hot water over the meat.

Put the pot into the oven (about 180 degrees Celscius).

Let the stew be in the hot oven about 3-4 hours and turn sometimes the meat with a spoon.

Serve the stew with Karelian pies or mashed potatoes and lingonberryjam and grated turnip-pineapple salad

and serve for drink homemade smallbeer.


For dessert serve Vanilla ice cream with cloudberry jam and strong mocca coffee

or vanillapudding with jam.


VANILLAPUDDING (6-8 portions)


You need:

4 egg yolks

6 spoons sugar

4 spoons potatoe flour or Maizena flour

1 litre milk

1/4 teaspoons salt

4 teaspoons vanillasugar

4 egg whites


 Variant mocca pudding: mix 3 teaspoons instant coffee into 2 spoons hot water and mix into the pudding.


Beat egg whites in a separate dish with a  mixer.

Mix together egg yolks, sugar and potatoe flour (Maizena) in a kettle that has a thick bottom.

Whisk milk, salt and vanillasugar into the kettle.

Heat the mixture in the kettle on an electric cooker and mix it with the whisk so that it boils only once.

Take the kettle away from the stove and mix it so long that it has become a little colder.

Mix into the pudding whisked egg whites.

If you want the mocca variant, add instant coffee into the pudding and mix once more.

Pour the pudding into a wide and beautiful pottery dish or into small dessert bowls for each one

Decorate the pudding with teaspoonfuls of jam looking like "eyes".

Serve the pudding after cooling.